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Advices For Bi-Curious Relationship With Bi Woman

There are more bi curious tendencies in the crowd than homosexuality. Many women still have the same affection for the same sex after marriage. This is normal. Just like a man shopping with his wife, he still has feelings for the young and sexy women who have went by, but he won't say it. It's no big deal. After all, the attraction of the opposite sex is normal. No one can always have sexual impulses only for his partner. If you are married, and your wife tells you that she is bi curious, please don't be panic or think it's just the misfortune of your marriage, because it's no big deal.

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Marriage is a choice for each of us. This choice is deliberate and voluntary, and we think about the choice of partner to accompany us through the rest of one's life. Therefore, no one will lose their marriage because of the attraction of a stranger. The attraction between women and women is also the same. First of all, she chooses you, it shows that she loves you, the same reason as you love her, you have right to like other women, but you have the boundaries of marriage, you want to maintain the Eden of Marriage, so neither of you will easily go to an affair. This is human nature, and at the same time, we do not have so much energy to dating extra partners.

Trust is often the best solace. If your wife tells you that she likes other women, please trust her, she will not betray you. Since she chose to tell you the true thoughts in her heart, that may hurt you, but for her sincere sake, she loves you, so just simply tolerate everything which may put pressure on you, and she hope you can understand her. Yes, there is only one partner in a person's life, for most people. But people will meet many people in their lifetime, like friends. These people are beautiful and have a fatal attraction to us. We still will not give up our marriage.

Why worry? Just because your wife said she have feeling on women? Then you check her online records to see if she goes to flirt other like-minded women on bi curious or lesbian dating site? There is absolutely no need for this. Marriage is the bastion that we should stick to. You understand this, at the same time, she also knows not to be over anxiety, because she did not say: "I don't like you anymore." Because she still feels that she is so gentle when sleeping together at night, she has not lost interest in you, and your hormones still give her sense of safety and desire.

Try to help her. If she says that she has a good sexual impulse for woman, it means that she is also confused sometimes. She doesn't know what she wants. She wants to get help from you, and then finds answers to ask for this confusion. Try to sit down and talk about this confusion, ask her when she has this sexual impulse for the same sex. Such a communication system is necessary. Through communication, you can have a deeper understanding of each other in more aspects. Open topics let you know each other deeply. Which is helpful to pick up a healthy and active sex life.

Your worry stems from your partner's expectation of sexual orientation. Do you think: "Will her interest in women weaken your interest in you?" Every bisexual will wander between the opposite sex and the same sex, you are very worried about her infidelity, you feel overwhelmed, because she is always a sexy woman can be found to control her bi curiosity.

Don't worry at all. Your partner doesn't have much experience and time. She's interested in exploring bisexuality. It doesn't mean that she needs to get such an experience. Give her a little time. Many married women expressed reluctance to do so when it came to action. Curiosity and longing often have a certain distance, her sexual desire lies with you, and her bi curiosity lies with her imagination.

Approved her sexual orientation. Her most reliable recognition should come from her husband, let her explore the other side of her freely. If your marriage is open and mutual trust enough, you can find a like-minded bisexual friend who can understand each other, chat with each other, then it can enrich our spiritual world in life, let your girlfriend face the real feeling brought by bi-curiosity, with the participation of another bisexual woman, I think, she will know a real self, which will have many benefits.

As for whether there is a threesome relationship, if you set up the boundaries, you should carefully consider whether this has a positive impact on marriage. If the impact is very bad, then stop all these activities.

May you have a wonderful bi-curious life and marriage.